Residential & Commercial Solar Specialist

Our expert team assess your consumption and design and install a system which most effectively and economically meets your energy requirements.

We also offer fully-funded Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPAs) for commercial landlords, owner-occupiers and tenants.


Commercial solar power is one of the simplest ways to reduce business costs without impacting your daily activities. As organisations from almost every industry are adopting commercial solar, it is one of the fastest growing energy efficiency initiatives across the country. Solar can provide a reduction of up to 60% on electricity costs while providing additional sustainability benefits to your organisation.


We use exclusively Tier 1 panels. These are the only type for which a bank will finance your installation. They are simply the best money can buy. All our systems are installed by Australian CEC Accredited electricians so rest assured, you’re getting the best, installed by the best.

Advice & Service

With over 35 years of combined experience in the Solar Energy Industry, we are the best qualified to provide personalised professional service to assess your needs and provide the most efficient system for your requirements.

Product Solutions

We tailor our products to your needs. In addition to the best range of solar energy products on the market in Australia today, our strategic partnerships mean we can also offer self-funded SPPA options with no upfront costs to you, our customers.


We offer top quality, professionally installed solar energy systems to effectively meet your energy requirements. Based on your consumption, we can advise you on the right solar energy system to best meet your needs.

We also offer fully-funded Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPAs) for eligible customers.

Solar Installations

Join the growing number of our satisfied clients by going solar today!


Reduction in energy costs

A solar installation can provide a reduction in excess of 60% on your electricity costs whilst providing additional sustainability benefits to your organisation

Experienced Advisors

Speak to any one of our team to find out exactly how much you can save by installing solar. 

Billion Dollars

Is being invested by our energy supplier to reduce Australia’s demand for fossil fuels. 

How We Work

Call or email to book an appointment. One of our friendly team members will meet you on site to discuss your options.

We will present you with a proposal outlining the exact amount you will save, along with what the installation will look like and a timeline for installation.

When you accept the proposal, you can relax and we will arrange everything.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements

We can offer zero upfront cost solar installations using SPPA’s.

To qualify your current energy bill needs to be over $400/qtr.


We offer state of the art solar energy management systems to monitor and track your system’s performance. Our solar energy management systems allow you to access your usage data remotely from your mobile device.


We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of energy production in Australia. We distribute products which harness the most efficient source of renewable energy available in the world today and continue to promote growth in this sector.


We offer the most technologically advanced products in solar energy battery storage. Our batteries provide scalable, modular and configurable solutions for kilowatt to multi-megawatt energy storage applications.


We are committed to keeping our business costs low so we can pass the savings onto you. We will continue to offer the best quality systems at the most competitive prices to Australian businesses and homes.

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Our team of experts can help provide your organisation with an understanding into the benefits of solar.

We have helped hundreds of businesses with our full-service approach to commercial solar. From initial consultation and feasibility study through to finance and installation, we provide a simple and easy solar installation for your business.