Utilising only top tier panels, our solar power systems are designed to outperform all others. By supplying your current energy bill, we can complete a full analysis of the property and return a report outlining your return on investment.

Percent Cash Flow Positive

We guarantee that we can install a solar system on any residential and commercial building with no out of pocket expenses. You will save money from day one. 100% CASHFLOW positive.

Commercial System Sizes

Whether you’re an SME looking for a system or a large-scale power user or corporate looking for a multi-MW system, We have experience in delivering high quality systems across all commercial applications.

Our portfolio features over 135MW’s of commercial solar installations across Australia comprising of systems of all various sizes, all tailored to the specific needs and sizes of our customers.

Every installation is different and ASAEM has industry leading experience and technical expertise to deliver quality to a wide range of commercial installations. We can bring a wealth of expertise to help your organisation take advantage of solar.

System Sizes

30kW Systems

50kW Systems

100kW Systems

500kW Systems

mW+ Systems

What They Say

By getting finance for the project, installing solar had no cash flow impact on our business. Once the loan’s paid off in 5 years, we’ll never pay another electricity bill.

- Brenda Fetterhoff

“It’s great that we’re part of a company that takes sustainability to the next level.”

- Jona Conelle

“This is the most successful portfolio deployment in our history, we cannot fault the management and execution of this project”

- Scott Lee

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Our team of experts can help provide your organisation with an understanding into the benefits of solar.

We have helped hundreds of businesses with our full-service approach to commercial solar. From initial consultation and feasibility study through to finance and installation, we provide a simple and easy solar installation for your business.