Utilising only top tier panels, our solar power systems are designed to outperform all others. By supplying your current energy bill, we can complete a full analysis of the property and return a report outlining your return on investment.

Percent Cash Flow Positive

We guarantee that we can install a solar system on any residential and commercial building with no out of pocket expenses. You will save money from day one. 100% CASHFLOW positive.

30kW Solar Systems

30kW Solar Systems are ideally suited for SME’s and can help to significantly reduce electricity costs. A 30kW Solar System features approx. 110 solar panels and can cover up to 60% of small business electricity usage. We have helped over 100 SME’s around the country install commercial solar systems. With our experience, we can provide your business with a high quality 30kW commercial solar installation to ensure the greatest long term savings.

We take care of everything in our end-to-end approach from initial quote and business case to installation and everything in between. This means you can focus on running your business without the hassle of managing a solar installation.
Number of Solar Panels & Inverters
A 30kW Solar System Utilizes: Approx. 110 solar panels and 1/2 Commercial grade inverters.
Roof Area Needed

A 30kW Solar System will require around 200m2 of roof space for installation.

30kW Solar Rebate

Your business could be eligible to receive up to $24,000 rebate for installing a 30kW worth of solar panels. This can cover around 40% of the upfront cost.

Electricity Generated By The System

Depending on where your business is located a 30kW system can generate between 40,000 – 47,000kWh per annum. This equates to around 110-130kWh/day on average.

Potential Annual Savings
Depending on a few variables a 30kW system may save your business conservatively between $7,000 – $15,000 per annum.
Potential Payback Period

Again depending on your location, usage and tariffs a 30kW system will pay itself off potentially in 3 – 5 years.

Approximate CO2 Abatement

This system will help your business to reduce your carbon emissions by around 700-900 tonnes (over 20 years).

Levelised Cost of Electricity

With long term warranties, a 30kW system can deliver a Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) between 4 – 7 c/kWh (over 20 years).

System Sizes

30kW Systems

50kW Systems

100kW Systems

500kW Systems

mW+ Systems

What They Say

By getting finance for the project, installing solar had no cash flow impact on our business. Once the loan’s paid off in 5 years, we’ll never pay another electricity bill.

- Brenda Fetterhoff

“It’s great that we’re part of a company that takes sustainability to the next level.”

- Jona Conelle

“This is the most successful portfolio deployment in our history, we cannot fault the management and execution of this project”

- Scott Lee

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