Government, Councils & NGO’s

 Solar for Government, Councils & NGO’s

Solar is a proven strategy to assist Governments, Councils and NGO’s to meet renewable energy and sustainability goals. Hundreds of Government organisations have implemented solar as part of their environmental initiatives while delivering a strong ROI and reductions in costs. 

Here are some reasons why solar is suited for Governments, Councils & NGO’s:

  • Solar offers significant energy savings as well as protection against future increases in energy costs.
  • Solar allows greater energy independence.
  • Solar provides a highly attractive ROI for public funds.
  • A solar installation provides a visible commitment to sustainability and the environment, which can be used to meet sustainability targets.

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We use exclusively Tier 1 panels. These are the only type for which a bank will finance your installation. They are simply the best money can buy. All our systems are installed by a qualified electrician with experience in Solar installations so rest assured, you’re getting the best, installed by the best.

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With over 35 years of combined experience in the Solar Energy Industry, we are the best qualified to provide personalised professional service to assess your needs and provide the most efficient system for your requirements.


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