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Solar for Hospitality & Leisure

Energy management is often one of the most significant challenges for clubs, hospitality, and leisure organisations. Ensuring a comfortable experience for patrons and guests is paramount, but this can come with high energy costs. With energy-intensive operations, including air-conditioning and refrigeration, hospitality organisations can benefit from reducing their daytime reliance on energy off the grid through solar. We provide solutions which enable savings from day one, with no upfront capital required. 

    Here are some specific reasons why solar is perfect for hospitality organisations:

    • With energy intensive services, hospitality organisations often have load profiles well suited to solar. Many organisations have 7-day operations which means additional suitability for solar’s everyday energy generation.
    • Clubs, RSL’s, Hotels & Motels and Leisure organisations often have optimum areas to install solar, including large roofs, carparks or even open spaces of land – for instance at Golf Clubs.
    • Achieves improved NABERS and energy efficiency ratings.
    • Solar offers significant energy savings as well as protection against future increases in energy costs.
    • Our clients have seen an increase in employee satisfaction and engagement as employees feel the business is actively trying to make a difference.
    • Guests & patrons are becoming more discerning and the environmental credentials of the businesses they choose is becoming a significant part of their decision making process.

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    We use exclusively Tier 1 panels. These are the only type for which a bank will finance your installation. They are simply the best money can buy. All our systems are installed by a qualified electrician with experience in Solar installations so rest assured, you’re getting the best, installed by the best.

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    With over 35 years of combined experience in the Solar Energy Industry, we are the best qualified to provide personalised professional service to assess your needs and provide the most efficient system for your requirements.


    We are committed to keeping our business costs low so we can pass the savings onto you. We will continue to offer the best quality systems at the most competitive prices to Australian businesses and homes.

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