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Contact us to schedule an appointment. One of our friendly team members will arrange a meeting on site to inspect the property and discuss your options.

Review Energy Usage

We will request a copy of your last energy bill. This allows us to review your energy usage and rates which we use to design a solar system specific for your needs. Once complete we will submit a complete proposal outlining the exact amount you will save.


Our Clean Energy Council Accredited electricians will install the solar system on your property without causing any damage to the installation site. They will use the existing roof screws and holes on a steel roof or remove some tiles and replace once the installation is complete.


We offer state of the art solar energy management systems to monitor and track your system’s performance. Our solar energy management systems allow you to access your usage data remotely from your mobile device.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements

All the benefits of solar power without any of the upfront costs! Great for first home buyers, families or anyone wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

What is a Residential Solar Power Purchase Agreement

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement, or SPPA, is an arrangement whereby an SPPA investment company design, install, maintain, monitor and insure a solar energy system on your property.

You, the customer, then purchase the energy produced by the system at a rate up to 50% cheaper than a standard retail energy provider for the term of the agreement.

At the end of the agreement, you can own the system for a small residual payout and utilise the energy produced by it at no cost.

An SPPA is a long-term investment for the investment company. Over the period of the SPPA, the company recoups its initial investment in the system and makes a profit while you save money with fixed priced electricity.

For further general information on SPPAs, please click this link to the Queensland Government website:

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